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Over the years increased levels of capital and competition have energised the global art market.Uninformed buying, inflationary excesses of the late 1980’s propelled art prices to volatile levels. We refer to the art market when in reality there are art markets offering their own blend of risk & reward. Today art is more liquid with financial engineering such as art loans, auction sale advances and auction price guarantees

There are many who would like to be involved with art but find the cost, risk and learning curve barriers to entry. Even the most seasoned collector requires advice. Owning art gives great pleasure combined with potential financial reward

We specialise in traversing all the facets of the art market, helping our clients buy the correct art for a long term solid investment. Confidence is the art market’s most precious commodity. This can be achieved through making art more widely accessible and understood.

Art Market Solutions have excellent access to art in the primary market, secondary market and private sources. We have brokered purchases of art for our clients across the globe.

Art buying services include:

  • Worldwide search for fine and decorative works of art
  • Independent advice on art condition, price, authenticity, and quality
  • Price negotiations with dealers
  • Representation at auction as your agent.
  • Art Market Solutions Advisory offers bespoke services encompassing the full range of the art market. Whether you are a collector, a museum or a corporation, we spend time getting to know every client and their individual requirements, tailoring each relationship to your needs.

  • Please contact us for further details.

    Roger Stiles MSc (Econometrics) Christies Education DMS FSS MBIM


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    Art Price Consultants, Art Valuation Experts

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    Leading Specialists in Modern & Contemporary British Art, LS Lowry RA– Augustus John RA– Mick Rooney RA

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    Christie’s Sotheby’s Bonhams Phillips Art Auction Analysis

    Do not pay masterpiece money for second division art

    Check Your Bid,

    Do NOT Waste Money

    And Your Valuable Time

    Art Price Consultants

    Art Valuation Experts

    We act on behalf of the art buyer. Auction houses act on behalf of the seller and offer little service to buyers. Auction houses act to achieve the highest selling price. There is a difference between art price and value, we advise on the optimal bid and so eliminate buyers remorse. We also inspect and survey art to make sure the art work is as described and value for money this is important when dealing with online art.

    Art Market Solutions is INDEPENDENT. We give objective impartial advice no conflict of interest. We have freedom to consider all options then adopt the right plan of action for you.


    Due to Covid-19 art prices can expect to see a reduction of between 10% - 50% over the next twelve months. The more recent the art the more easily it can become devalued. Masterpieces by Modern British artists such as Augustus Edwin John, LS Lowry, Mick Rooney, Lucian Freud and Francis Bacon will hold their value over time.Revenues at Christie’s Sotheby’s and Phillips fell 40% in part due to Covid-19

    Art as an asset class has a stronger positive correlation with the price of gold than with other asset classes indicating that investors perceive art as an asset that retains its value rather than as an investment vehicle.

    Between art and other asset classes over
 a longer time span, European Old Masters and Impressionist Art display the lowest correlation.Collectors who resold within three years of purchasing were more likely to achieve outsized gains between 2014 and 2018 of 20%

    Optimal Timing - Buy or Sell?

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    Pre Purchase Art Surveys,

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    Online Art Buyer Advisors, Physical Inspection & Survey No Conflict for ONLINE Art Buyers

    We are on the side of the ART BUYER

    - auction houses act for the seller

    - and give little service to buyers.

    @ Art Market Solutions you will receive: outstanding client service, 30 years expert analysis, honest advice and the most cost effective solution tailored to your needs

    When you spot art online at auction, dealer or private sale, We will remove buyer risk and anxiety from making a wrong decision.

    Auction houses find that the most benefit from using more sophisticated modelling and machine-learning techniques will come from encouraging owners of art to consign their works for sale. Art market headlines are about sales, but the work is about consignments.

    At the high end of the fine-art trade, where the serious money is made, it is hard to persuade owners to sell. Most of the time owners do not need the ready cash, and they worry that an unsuccessful sale will “burn” their artworks’ image and value.

    More accurate and convincing econometric and time series modelling of probable sales results would be helpful in encouraging consignments and bringing more art to the market.

    We offer art buying and consultancy services to our clients at TEFAF-Maastricht and the Masterpiece Art Fair, London.

    Book early due to the demand for our services.


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