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Art Buyer Advisors > We are an unique art advisory, art investment, art price & valuation econometrics & time series forecasting consultancy. We specialise in traversing all the facets of the art market, helping our clients buy the correct art as a long term investment. We spot over priced and under priced art using econometrics.

Art Market Solutions have excellent access to art in the primary market, secondary market and private sources. We have brokered purchases of art for our clients across the globe.

Art buying services include:

  • Worldwide search for fine and decorative works of art
  • Independent advice on art condition, price, authenticity, and quality
  • Price negotiations with dealers
  • Representation at auction as your agent.
  • Art Market Solutions Advisory offers bespoke services encompassing the full range of the art market. Whether you are a collector, a museum or a corporation, we spend time getting to know every client and their individual requirements, tailoring each relationship to your needs.

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    Roger Stiles MSc (Econometrics) Christies Education DMS FSS MBIM


    T: + 44 (0) 207 293 0320

    M: + 44 (0) 777 648 6390

    When you spot art online at auction, dealer or private sale we will remove buyer anxiety from making a wrong decision. Optimal art pricing, Actionable art sales strategy

    Art Funds & Portfolios created for YOU.

    · Art Due Diligence

    · Pricing

    · Forecasting

    · Valuation

    · Investment analysis

    · Provenance checks

    · Condition checks

    · Physical Inspection

    · & Survey

    Spotting ART BARGAINS and the OVER PRICED in the fine and decorative art markets using econometrics.

    DO NOT WASTE MONEY - Get Art Value, Do NOT overpay or undersell. The right time to buy or sell?

    Your fine art collecting strategy

  • We deliver results and transparency in the art ecosystem. Ours is a personal professional bespoke service. Our clients are highly valued and remembered. Pricing, condition provenance are checked for online buyers.

  • It is one thing to have the desire to collect art. It is another thing to know exactly what to buy. Art buyers may have more money than knowledge. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

  • We are on the side of the Art Buyer. Auction houses act for the seller and give little service to buyers.With Art Market Solutions you will receive outstanding client service with over 30 years expert analysis and the most cost effective solutions tailored to your needs.

    We combine an outstanding level of technical expertise with a depth of experience in delivering bespoke art market solutions. A close relationship with our clients is at the heart of what we do.

    Data visualisation, predictive analytics. We give insight and improve decision making. We convey the true meaning of data to a non technical audience. Our expertise in insight and decision science is leading the way when it comes to understanding art collectors and investors and creating actionable insight about their behaviours attitudes and needs. How they interact and what makes them tick.


    We help transform art into an alternative asset class

    We spot over/under priced works of art using art price econometric modelling and time series forecasting.

    Econometrics is used in art portfolio construction to maximize returns and minimize risk. We provide financial planning and wealth management for art & antiques using art market research and analysis on both fine art paintings and decorative art such as Chinese ceramics , English & French furniture.

    Art offers returns which has a low or negative correlation to main stream markets making it a hedge asset which can diversify your stock and bond portfolio

    Art is an important part of your wealth and we can unlock the financial power of your collection using art loans up to 50 percent of the valuation. We help clients formulate their own views when navigating the art markets. Our services are transparent & confidential in this opaque market.

    We act as your agent to maintain your privacy We construct portfolios to manage risk and reward. Our data tools gives an all round view of the market. We provide auction house analysis at Christie’s Sotheby’s Bonhams, Phillips. Our clients are Ultra High Networth Individuals (UHNWI) Art collectors Art Investors & Private banks

    Contact: Roger Stiles MSc (Econometrics) Christie’s Education DMS FSS MBIM



    T: + 44 (0) 207 293 0320

    M: + 44 (0) 777 648 6390

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    + 44 (0) 207 293 0320


    +44 (0) 777 648 6390

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